Thinking behind design, open-innovation and people-centered processes work to understand particular business needs and opportunities. From ideation to prototyping and refining, I enjoy working to research the client market, identify intelligent trends for aech project and understand consumers and audiences needs from each particular business bringing, always when possible, a circular economy approach into projects and involving tech for good tools to encourage wellbeing, inclusivity and sustainability.


We aim to create sustainable places economically, environmentally and socially. Bringing a great understanding of the creative and retail sector and the shared economy. Designing and delivering bottom-up projects to help them work more effectively for cities, local communities, business, startups, creatives and to boost positive social and economic impact.I often work with the reuse of otherwise empty spaces and buildings for the community and the creative benefit encouraging participatory processes with communities.


We uncover the hidden value of your business and build true desirability through transparency driven communication. Using our background on Communications, Branding, Market analysis, tech for good and Narrative to help business that empower sustainability and ethics behind their production process to communicate their great work to consumers. We help them to elevate their brand, to build a stronger purpose and ultimately to build trust encouraging the conscious consumer.  We look forward to empower transparency and wellbeing in every project we work with. Blockchain enthusiasts particularly for supply chain transparency and to encourage the conscious consumer.

Check our main arm on branding, transparency and communications Proper Practice


Brand strategy and brand experience for retail and great business. We use an holistic business approach from market, communications to a space design perspective


We like to count on a team of experts

Provenance - Tech start-up leading the use of the blockchain for supply chain transparency

Santi Guerrero Font - Product and space Designer 

Alicia Kopf - Writer and communications specialist 

Aarika Gottelier - Retail and consumer insight specialist 

El Rissell - Cooperative consultancy 

Bernat Ardèvol - Arquitect 

Marc Monguilod - Graphic design and art direction